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Are you having trouble finding qualified staff?

Do you spend too much money, on training, but your goals aren't met?
How much would it be worth to you to find an easy, inexpensive way to:
             1) reduce training costs
             2) improve the effectiveness of the training you do    
             3) increase the supply of people, who can be successfully trained
     Bitmap Image does all this and more!
         Most people can be easily trained for hi-tech jobs after Bitmap Image!!               

 Bitmap Imageteaches what, schools never teach:

How To listen, to be sure we really comprehend all aspects and  ramifications of what we
                                     are told, and go beyond the obvious.

How to ask questions, which precisely define the unclear, so that they can be easily  
                                   answered, and the answers really help the student understand.                            

How to look for the underlying principles, which govern the specific cases we learn  
                                   about, so that we can see them in context.                              
How to approach complex problems systematically, and/or break them up into
                                 simpler components, so as to make them easier to deal with.                    

How to anticipate the conclusions, that the teacher is about to draw.
How to examine all the aspects of a situation and their implications, to prepare
                                  for all possible problems in advance                      

How to identify common ground in conflicting opinions or interests, to find compromise
                          solutions, which utilize the best parts of each position and satisfy everyone.                     

How to explain yourself, so clearly that there can be no confusion, as to your meaning.
How to use systematic logical analysis, to synthesize creative, effective efficient solutions.

Bitmap Image gives you all this and much more!!

What's more, Bitmap Image is challenging fun, using puzzles and brainteasers etc., rather than boring exercises.

If Bitmap Image only gave you the communication and cognitive skills, without teaching English, it would probably be the most cost-effective training expenditure you've ever made!

If it only developed communication in English, and didn't teach the other cognitive skills, it would  be too, but Bitmap Image does both, and in a way that each function enhances the other.                           

Success in the 21st century, starts with Bitmap Image!!