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Do you already spend too much money on English courses, but you still can't hold a simple conversation in English?


Really improve your English, and learn something else, useful at the same time?

Bitmap Image does it all, and much more!!

Because Bitmap Image is taught in English, you use English as a means of communication, without translating!
Don't learn about English. Learn to use it!

This means that the next time a representative comes from out of the country (from New York, London, Tokyo Nairobi, Bangkok, or anywhere else) your employees will have no trouble understanding his/her lectures.  They will be able to explain their own comments and questions concerning your common product or service without embarrassment.

They will be able to hold an intelligent conversation with the guest on any subject they are familiar with, and they will be in a much better position to negotiate, if necessary.

 But we said Bitmap Image gives you more!!!
Bitmap Image does it all, without boring tedious exercises, using engaging puzzles and brain teasers as the basis for the conversation!!!!

If  Bitmap Image only developed communication in English, and didn't teach other cognitive skills, it would probably be the most cost-effective training expenditure you ever made.        
If it only gave you the communication and cognitive skills, without teaching English it would be too, but Bitmap Image does both, and in a way that each function enhances the other.                 

It sounds too good to be true, but it really works!

Success in the 21st century, starts with Bitmap Image

Learn basic reading skills in English with GAME